Biological Green: Deodorizers

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(Powder Based)

Dyna-Bact is a highly effective premium bio-based “green” toilet deodorizer, which incorporates Bioneutral-OneTM technology. Bioneutral-OneTM took more than ten years of research to develop and is a remarkable scientific breakthrough that employs specially selected bacteria strains and enzymes to control odor and liquefy waste. It’s not only environmentally safe, but also actually beneficial to waste water treatment plants. This technology innovation takes the sanitation industry to the next level of service performance.

Basic Advantages and Features of Dyna-Bact:

•Proven Performance.
•Superior odor control.
•Environmentally friendly - “green.”
•No harsh chemicals. All biological.
•Beneficial to dump sites and wastewater treatment plants.
•Liquefies waste. Makes pumping and waste transfer easier.
•Cleans toilet tanks and other parts that it comes in contact with.
•Introduces large populations of beneficial bacteria to treatment plants.
•Highly cost-effective. Saves you money the longer you use it!

Discussion of Technology:

Dyna-Bact employs Bioneutral-OneTM technology, which is a new revolutionary environmentally-friendly deodorizing technology from Hur Chemical. Dyna-Bact breaks down waste and tissue paper through the enzymatic action of several specially selected anaerobic and facultative bacterial strains, as well as some enzymes. Therefore, harsh chemicals are avoided altogether. In the decomposition process the Dyna-Bact bacteria competes with the intrinsic waste bacteria for nutrients through the mechanism of “competitive exclusion.” Unlike the intrinsic bacteria, however, the Dyna-Bact bacteria’s metabolites are virtually odorless. Since the Dyna-Bact bacterial spores are activated well before the first bacteria (accompanying the waste) is even introduced, the odor-causing degradation from the latter is minimized and odor in the facility is eliminated to a degree equal or better than chemical-based toilet products. In addition, the Dyna-Bact bacteria also digest soil residue inside of the holding tank and clear the waste from tank walls whereas the chemical based product does not. This latter feature manifests itself in cleaner equipment, less mounding and faster pump out. Total liquefied solids (suspended and dissolved) is more than 30% higher in the bulk water phase of Dyna-Bact than it is in the bulk water phase of typical chemical-based products. All these benefits add up to the absolutely best biological/natural product available to control toilet odor.

Low Cost/Performance:
Use of bacteria colony forming units (“CFU”) capable of multiplying during use
introduces a dynamic feature not present in chemical-based deodorizing systems.
Chemical treatment products are only effective for as long as the biocide active lasts.
That is not the case with Dyna-Bact. Eventually its’ effectiveness is overcome from the
sheer volume of challenge bacteria. However, in the meantime Dyna-Bact’s bacteria
populations continue to grow throughout the use cycle. Thus, no matter how low-cost
the biocide in a premium chemical product may be, it can’t be competitive with Dyna-
Bact on a cost/performance basis. Boosting biocide level to make performance
competitive with Dyna-Bact only makes the use of biocide-based products more

Types of Toilets for Dyna-Bact:

•Portable Toilets
•Marine Toilets
•Mass Transit
•Septic Systems

Green Deodorizer / Cleaner
(Liquid Based)


Aerobic & Anaerobic Bacteria

A concentrated blend of living aerobic & anaerobic bacteria.
These strains of enzyme producing bacteria were specifically selected and adapted for their ability to
produce large amounts of amylase, protease, cellulose and lipase enzymes important in degrading
common sanitary waste. This product can be used in  RV's, Boats, Porta Potties, drains, grease traps, and septic tanks, to degrade waste. Deodorizers as it breaks down the waste. Can be used as a spray to clean the walls, floors, and urinals.   

This product can also be used after treatment with sulfuric drain openers to prevent future clogging
and residual hydrogen sulfuric odors.  Excellent to use where uric acid -urine odors occur.
Product performs best with in the ph range of 5.5 - 8.5 and temperature range of 50 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

For use in RV's and Boats, use 2 oz per one gallon of water.

For use in Porta Potties, add one gallon to 3-5 gallons of water to cover the solids.

Available in 32 oz. X 12 per case





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