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Hur Chemical is one of the original manufactures of deodorizers used in the RV industry.

From the formaldehyde based T-5  powder  that has been used by RV enthusiast for more than 50 years, to the latest biologically based Dyna Bact dissolvable pouches, a revolutionary new technology that has  exploded among the next generation of RV users. This product is environmentally friendly and introduces good bacteria to the waste water environment wherever the tank is evacuated.

Hur chemical has a long history of providing  quality deodorizers at affordable prices to RV retailers, wholesalers and distributors across the nation.  Our customers enjoy  many benefits as a result of their access to our expert staff of PHD.'s  in both chemistry and engineering.  With more than 50 years of combined experience, we are confident that our team is prepared to provide you with the answers you need, when you need them.  We have invested the resources necessary to insure that our facility is state of the art, and is prepared to meet the demands of all of our industries future needs. Our Research and Development teams have formulated the most scientifically advanced formaldehyde, non formaldehyde and biological based deodorizers in liquid as well as powders that the industry has ever seen.  We also specialize in producing all of the assessorial cleaners and fragrance enhancers to increase opportunities for meeting all of the deodorizing and cleaning needs of your customers.

These products work synergistically together to provide the customer with the best line of defense possible when fighting their malodor challenges.

You can choose from our line of regular stocking items, or we can custom formulate products to meet your specifications or unique situation. Our team of customer care representatives are standing buy to assist you.



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