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Graffiti  Remover - Liquid 
Our strongest graffiti remover - reccomended for the heaviest and toughest vandal marks.
Apply liberally and use white eraser like sponge provided for best results. 
Approved for industrial applications. 


Graffiti  Remover - Aerosol
Heavy duty cleaner which will remove most vandal markings found in public places.
Such as ink, crayon, and scuff marks with out damaging the surface. 
The unique gelling characteristic of the formula allows for cleaning of vertical and irregular surfaces. 
Reccomended for use on Aluminum, Steel, Glass, Concrete, Porcelain, Brass, Chrome, Marble & Brick 

"Power Packed" super strength concentrated cleaner for 1001 jobs! 
Effective on wide range of greasy, grimy soils and stains. 
Cleans and degreases vinyl, rubber,plastic, metal, porcelain, fiberglass and other hard surfaces.
Formulated for maximum economy, diluteable up to 10 - 1 with water for general cleaning.  


Urinal Wash Scum Remover
Super strength concentrated cleaner. Specially formulated for broad spectrum cleaning.
Targeted also for the challenges of cleaning and maintaing the urinal and it's surrounding areas. 
Formulated around a system of powerful detergents and non-petroleum solvents.  

A concentrated blend of living aerobic & anaerobic bacteria.
These strains of enzyme producing bacteria were specifically selected and adapted for their ability to
produce large amounts of amylase, protease, cellulose and lipase enzymes important in degrading
common sanitary waste. This product can be used in RV's, Boats, Porta Potties, drains, grease traps, and septic tanks, to degrade waste and reduce odors. Use as a spray to clean the urinal, walls and floors of the unit.
This product can also be used after treatment with sulfuric drain openers to prevent future clogging
and residual hydrogen sulfuric odors.  Excellent to use where uric acid -urine odors occur.
Product performs best with in the ph range of 5.5 - 8.5 and temperature range of 50 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Available sizes: 32 oz X 12 per case

Specially formulated from scratch "in house" to meet the industries demand for
residually, longer lasting fragrances.
Combine our perfume sprays with one of our premier deodorizers,
and your customers will experience the benefits of the longest lasting
fragrances the market has to offer!

Available in Bubble Gum, Cherry, Floral, Rain Forest, Cinnamon,
Laundry Fresh, Spearmint, Mint, Mangolita, Tropical, Berry Blend,
Spice, Jasmine, Mulberry, Rendezvous, Romantica, Lemon
and our "newest" fragrance Sweet Fresh.
Custom blended fragrances available on request.

Stocking sizes: 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, 22oz, 32oz, 64oz, 1gal, 6gal, 55gal
Customized packaging available on request


Scented disks for use in the portable restroom to help combat malodors and enhance the
 perfume fragrance.
250 per case




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