Monochem: Formaldehyde Deodorizers

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MONOCHEM T-5 Toilet Chemical - Top Seller 40+ Years!

Packaged in 12 X 2.25 oz foil packets per box  / 12 boxes per case / 144 services per case
Powerfully effective in neutralizing odors with the added benefit of improving  air quality by introducing a pleasant perfumed fragrance.  Harmless to toilet parts and holding tanks. Use T-5 Toilet Chemical in any permanently installed toilet system or holding tank. 


Bulk packaged in 15 lb. pails

DG-19 was originally formulated for the Tour bus and Aircraft  industries. They require larger portions to service  the heavy usage that is associated with public transportation. The DG-19 is also preferred by many full time RV'ers.  



12 X 32 oz bottles per case

Available in 15 lb pails, 50 lb pails and 500 lb drumsCustom packaging to meet your specificationsFor use in static as well as recirculating toilets to eliminate odors and improve the air quality with a pleasant fragrance.

Preferred by state and national parks. Used nationally to combat the malodor challenges in the most extreme summer conditions.





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