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Dr. John and Lucia Hur have contributed to the evolution of product development for the sanitation industry. Specifically, but not limited to the area of Bio / Chemical science in the waste industry.

Below are listed some of the significant highlights that are a part of our proud history.

1986 – Hur Enterprises purchased an 11 year old company that was engaged in manufacturing chemical deodorizers for the sanitation industry located in Round Rock Texas.

1987 –introduction of a unique sanitation perfume spray in an assortment of fragrances.

1988 – Development of “New” biocide based technology that produced a Non-Formaldehyde deodorizer that truly performed as well as its Formaldehyde based counterparts. This was the birth of the NF988 product series. (Still available today, and used domestically as well as around the world in the most extreme conditions.)

1989 – Significant strides were made with the introduction of these new product formulations:

Portable sized waterless hand sanitizers were introduced to the operators.

Development of revolutionary odor neutralizing sprays to eliminate the odors instead of the traditional masking sprays.

The introduction of a specially patented polymeric chain of molecules infused with non staining dye, incorporated with the deodorizer.

Portion control and convenience packaging were introduced in the form of

2-3 oz foil packets, 8oz & 16oz squeeze and pour bottles, 16oz – 32oz tip and measure bottles.

Early 1990’s – Relocated manufacturing to Hur Industrial Park I, a more centralized location in Austin Texas to accommodate the growing interest in powder products. This type of formulation required a more climate controlled environment. Identified the need for a water soluble packaged product.

1995 – Hur Enterprise Inc. formed a new entity, Hur Chemical & Contract Packaging Inc.

To address the growing interest for consulting, custom formulation, private labeling and contract packaging.

Expanded the facility to twice the size to accommodate the demand for the development of agricultural sanitizers, contract packaged soaps and potpourri perfume with lingering properties.

Launching of global network of distributors & wholesalers for deodorizers and cleaners.

Implementation of fulfillment services.

2000 – Relocated once more to Hur Industrial Park II, a large tract of land in Cedar Park Texas, located outside of the city limits of Austin to expand our facilities to continue to accommodate the increased demand for our products and services.

2003 – Successful development of our R & D‘s first “GREEN” all Biological product.

After 10 years of research based on Bioneutral Technology to the water & waste treatment plants.

2004 – Introduction of the first water soluble packet of Dyna Bact based on Bioneutral One Technology to the waste industry.

2006 – Further expansion of the manufacturing facility to accommodate new tablet and powder production department. Additional storage space added to this phase of expansion.

2009 – Additional land awaits future expansions. We stand ready to embrace the challenges of the future.




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