R & D

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Hur Chemical’s research and development team brings a collective experience of more than 50 years to a single focused mission. Our goal is to provide the highest value possible through innovative technology and application research. Hur’s intention is to enhance our customers' knowledge base and creation strategies. We invest heavily in advanced laboratory and field equipment, which enable us to formulate and test revolutionary new products. Recent examples include a ground-breaking biological based chemical deodorizer called Dyna-Bact and an advanced aqueous-based plastic cleaner and graffiti remover. Our technology capabilities include flow measuring, density, viscosity, and gravimetric analysis and electrical potential and color analysis. Our laboratories are equipped with all the modern tools necessary for formulating, testing and conducting pilot runs on new products. These efforts allow us to serve our customers’ unique requirements. Scores of long term alliances have been formed with our clients over the years.

Our R & D specialist are focused on quality control checks from start to finish as set forth in the GMP (Good Manufacturing Process). Utilizing state of the art computerization, automated process control technology, and optimizing our processing and timely delivery, we pay attention to all of the details.

Hur Chemical produces consistent product quality while maximizing productivity. Our high standards set us apart from our competition.



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