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Hur Chemical & Contract Packaging Inc.
Hur Industrial park II
1700 Hur Industrial Blvd.
Cedar Park, TX 78613 USA

(512) 751-3922 phone
(512) 852-8362 fax

About Us

Who we are….
Hur Chemical & Contract Packaging Inc. is one of the world’s leading specialty manufacturing companies for the entire sanitation industry throughout the world.
We provide a suite of comprehensive services including custom manufacturing and blending, consulting, private labeling and contract packaging.
Hur Chemical manufacturing company is a one – stop global custom blend manufacturer specializing in industrial sanitation deodorizers, perfumes, cleaners, and its related products for the past few decades.

What we do best….

Hur Chemical & Contract Packaging Inc. specializes in unique custom formulations of liquids, syrups, ready to use powders, dissolvable sachets, foil packets and tablets. We offer various proprietary, as well as custom formulations to distributors, wholesalers and individuals.
We can formulate a product that will work in your budget with a variety of blends, as well as products that will perform in any type of climate or environment.
Our excellent customer care & service revolve around our mission statement: Our #1 priority has always been to exceed your expectations”

Our commitment to excellence in our customer care and service has been the main driving force behind our growth and continued expansion.



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